The Secret of Great Candid Photography & why it's important for your wedding

There is more to candid photography than capturing a fleeting moment. It is the ability to immortalize the moment with all the depth, emotion and experiences of the characters in that single frame. Josh Isaacs discusses why these photographs will remain with you forever and how he captures them.

ABOUT: Josh has been a photographer for 10 years and has learned just how special candid photographs are to his clients. Of course, the staged photos are also beautiful. He has mastered the art of scouting locations and posing the newlyweds, their family and friends to create spectacular portraits.

However, it is in capturing the candid moments that his work stands out. His ability to see a moment developing, while others might be focused on the main event, makes his shoots treasured by his clients. It is a skill, unlike staged photography, that is difficult, if not impossible to teach and it is this combination which makes him a complete photographer, with no compromise on staged versus candid photography.